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tv   Liberally Stephanie Miller  Current  October 4, 2012 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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al thing. >>now, let's hear yours at the only online forum with a direct line to stephanie miller. >>the only thing that can save america now: current television. >>join the debate now. ♪
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♪ lay down -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ you don't need to leave so soon ♪ ♪ i have been trying all night long just to talk to you ♪ >> stephanie: it is the "stephanie miller show." welcome to it. 23 minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere. karl frisch from bullfight strategies in the side car. rush limbaugh. >> i don't know, i saw a very scary guy. i saw a guy really really angry. and then i saw a guy in 2007 he's running for president and trying to tell everybody he's post racial, post this post that. i know he's speaking to black audience, but just lying when he speaks at the unions the truth comes out. >> stephanie: oh, my. yes, angry angry black man. >> i guess the republicans
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thought that they had hit pay dirt with this old video of barack obama. rush limbaugh probably thought, wait, this is an issue where i don't even have to try to chew horn race into it. >> stephanie: exactly. >> rachel [ inaudible ] if they knew he was this black we never would have elected him. that's way too black. >> and in the same sense they didn't know that george bush was that type of country. >> stephanie: rudy giuliani. >> rich people have more money, they hire more people and spend more money. you should not raise taxes when the economy is in trouble. the economy is in more trouble today, so why is he in favor of raising taxes now, if he was opposed to it a year ago.
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>> stephanie: it's despicable. >> america's mayor everyone. if rich people hired more people when they had more money, we would have like an unemployment rate of zero at this point. rich people are doing so much better than they have ever done before, their tax rate is lower than it has ever been. they should be hiring people up the wa-zoo at this point. >> they are in china. >> yeah. and people like rudy giuliani get jobs to go on television, and if anybody should be unemployed it should be him. >> stephanie: that's right. thank you karl frisch. love you, mean it. >> all right. talk to you soon. [ applause ] >> stephanie: i'm sleepy this morning.
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bee in virginia. we have instant pundits all morning long. hi bee. >> caller: hi, i have three points. one, i don't believe in the right putting rapists and child molesters over victims. so even if mitt romney puts his poo on a cake i don't have to eat it. and we is going to clean the federal government out, and give the money to his cohorts. >> stephanie: yep. >> he is starting with the attack on big bird so there you go -- >> stephanie: there you go. and someone has to stand up for big bird. >> big bird is going to have to learn mandarin.
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>> stephanie: exactly. ♪ when the bird walks in with an itty bitty beak you [ inaudible ] and i can't deny ♪ [ mocking laughter ] >> stephanie: rocky mountain mike, oh, you little scamp. [ applause ] >> stephanie: okay. ney in baltimore you are on the "stephanie miller show." >> caller: hello, hi. >> stephanie: hi. >> caller: good morning to everyone. i watched the debate last night, and it had me laughing at mitt romney because it looked like he was on speed. >> and he is not allowed to drink coffee. >> caller: yes. and i think obama played the rules fairly and romney was very rude to the moderator, so i'm still going to vote for my president.
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>> stephanie: yeah, a lot of people said it was more like bullying in a lot of ways. joist writes one candidate was presidential the other looked crazed. the president gave romney all of the rope he needed to show he was unstable. even ann is worried about her husband easemental health. >> good point. >> stephanie: the american president drop -- >> people want leadership mr. president. >> sand. eating sand. >> eat sand. >> stephanie: my point is just because you talk louder and more -- >> about sand. >> stephanie: -- doesn't mean you are right. 29 minutes after the hour. right back on the "stephanie miller show." ♪ public sector. that was the context in which he
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(vo) jennifer granholm ... >>for every discouraged voter, there are ten angry ones taking action. trickle down does not work. elevator and the workers get the shaft. that is a whole bunch of bunk. the powerful may steal an election, but they can't steal democracy.
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[ ♪ music ♪ ]
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>> announcer: stephanie miller. >> i realize more and more every day how overqualified i am for this position and how incompetent you are at yours. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: it is hard being the smartest person in the room. it's horrible. 34 minutes after the hour -- >> you have something on your -- >> oh i do? >> yeah. >> stephanie: we didn't have to worry about that when i was just radio. jim was just reading something. why that crappy presidential debate won't change anyone's
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mind by most accounts wednesday's night debate was one of the worst anybody could remember. mitt romney presented a pile of lies that were unchallenged. >> stephanie: yeah, the medias main -- what do you call -- >> goal is to have a horse race. >> stephanie: right. i don't think that means, suddenly like karl frisch just said, this is a huge game changer. >> i think that they should change the rules in the next debate in that that there should be some. >> stephanie: the muppets thing is really funny. cut pbs you have got a bunch of
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[ censor bleep ]ed muppets. good morning congresswoman. what was your impression of last night? >> i thought governor romney came across as very aggressive but he was really saying the same thing that he has been saying all along. i'm not going to put everything on the table and have a comprehensive solution to our economic problems because heaven forbid we would raise taxes on people making over $250,000. >> stephanie: right. >> he said he would repeal obamacare, and this is what i have been hearing in congress too, repeal and replace, but they forget the details of the replace. >> stephanie: exactly. >> we're not going to cut defense spending but don't you worry, we're going to balance the budget. i think the president was trying
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to explain why we have worked hard to stabilize the economy and now what he is going to try to do for the middle class in the next four years. so pundits are saying maybe he should have challenged governor romney more or whatever i -- i think that -- that he was trying to lay out his own plan is what i think happened. >> stephanie: right. did you feel like -- the glaring one we have been talking about is the $700 million for the -- romney again repeats the lie about he cut 700 for medicare, and i'm going to put it back. was the president feel in some ways that these things have been debunked so much i don't have to do it again. >> yeah. i think the answer is yes, you have to address it again. it really is a big lie. we cut that money from medicare advantage programs because those
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programs -- they are private insurance companies who are in medicare, and we gave insurance companies that extra money some years ago as an incentive to offer insurance programs to senior citizens. now the senior citizens are signing up for it, and the insurance companies don't need that money. and i think the president needs to say that straight out. >> stephanie: and as bill clinton said it takes some brass -- >> truth is not an impediment. >> stephanie: that's what i was saying. it really was such a filibuster as jim was saying. governor romney really didn't follow any of the rules. he just kept talking, and so much of it has been fact checked as being incorrect. i think you are right, how in some ways do you combat that? >> another question i have and
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i'll ask you this. i was talking to some of the women afterwards and a lot of us were really struck by the hyperaggressiveness of governor romney's attitude and tone. and a lot of women are offended by that. women are the largest block of undecided voters right now. so i don't think they are thinking about the people in jefferson county colorado, the undecided female voters who are going to decide whether this state goes red or blue. >> stephanie: yeah we were just talking about how far ahead the president is with women. i think they are so wrong on so many issues important to women. like you said it's not just a stray todd akin comment here or there, it is their policy right? >> right.
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i mean the policy that akin was talking about is one that has been in congress for years, and that paul ryan has voted for. >> stephanie: yeah. >> i hope in the next debate that if -- i mean certainly governor romney does not intend to bring this up. i thought what was lacking last night is a discussion about women's health care. >> stephanie: exactly. you talked about the women's vote in colorado. colorado in againal important for the election how are things looking right now? >> colorado is a swing state. for about six months it has been a one to two point advantage for the president. couple of weeks ago the president went up to three points ahead, and then just yesterday i heard there was a
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five-point poll, the president ahead of the governor. so i think -- like every place, the president is making steady progress here. he is here again this morning with another rally, and i expect we're going to be seeing a lot more of this. it really is kind of ground zero here. >> stephanie: absolutely. representative diana degette, good to talk to you. thank you so much. >> thank you. take care. >> stephanie: i love her. [ applause ] >> stephanie: i'm just saying this is going to get a few of the women's votes. >> i just want to wish sweety, you happy anniversary, and let you know a year from now we will not be celebrating it in front of $140 million.
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>> stephanie: season said michelle obama is like oprah with better arms. [ applause ] >> stephanie: sorry oprah. how many times does she have to fire me. eileen in westwood. hi. >> hi, good morning, stephanie. love your show. >> stephanie: thank you. go ahead. >> i have a little different take on last night's debate. as soon as i saw president obama do his beautiful little smile i think he was hoping romney would go etch-a-sketch on him, and -- and he did. and now the democrats have all of these wonderful snipits that they can use for commercials between now and the election and i think we saw the corporate bully come out last night in romney, and that wasn't good for him. >> it was almost like he had five cups of coffee.
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>> caller: yeah, and then he started sweating and i kept thinking about the nixon debates, and when he got that hanky out and started wiping down, i thought i think he thinks he is on a role here. i think he was baited. i think obama did what he needed to do last night, and got romney to go etch-a-sketch. >> stephanie: certainly the fact checkers as usual had a field day this morning. >> yeah. >> stephanie: kevin in orange county, you are on the "stephanie miller show." >> caller: hey, stephanie. you are going to the 30-days to victory tour on sunday right? >> stephanie: yeah. >> caller: i'll be there in the orchestra, hopefully i'll see you. >> stephanie: somebody sprung for the fancy tickets didn't ya? >> caller: yeah, it will take me a year to pay them off.
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>> stephanie: yeah me too. >> caller: i think the seconds coming out of the debate probably a lot of the thoughts were that romney won, but like you are talking about in the couple of days afterwards the conversation about the debate obama is going to win. romney has been on the liberal, moderate, conservative side of almost every issue. and at some point america is going to have to say to yourself, can i trust which way the wind is going to blow on his policy issues if he becomes president. >> stephanie: right. how do you refute when he appears to have made up a new policy on the spot. it's like yes, you are. this has already been fact checked -- who -- >> polititfact? >> stephanie: no that looked at
6:44 am
romney's budget. i don't know how you respond to that. >> yeah. >> stephanie: romney is just like na-uh. >> what? is that the answer? >> stephanie: okay. scottie in texas real quick. >> caller: hey stephanie this is scottie in texas. >> stephanie: yes. >> caller: as a former mormon i know what mitt romney wants to do, and this is what is frightening. mitt romney is a member of the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints. he thinks the end is coming. i am fearful he will use that excuse to push the button and bring jesus back. and that is very very frightening. >> stephanie: oh dear. no that was definitely not covered last night. >> that was the plot of "the
6:45 am
dead zone" a steven king novel. >> stephanie: i don't think he was going to get to are you prorapture. >> mr., are you going to cause world ward iii? and if so how? and can i get a ticket to kolob. >> stephanie: right back on the "stephanie miller show." >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪ (vo) john fugelsang sees what happens. >> you know, blaming this economy on barack obama is kinda like blaming your hangover on the guy making breakfast. i like mitt romney but i'm sorry. they guy has flipped more than a crack house mattress. this campaign has become so toxic, beverly hills housewives are now injecting it into their foreheads. (vo) so current gave him a weekly show. >> i love romney's debate style, but i tell you, if i could be that stiff for 90 minutes, i'd ... (vo) we probably won't regret it.
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(vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. (vo) she's joy behar. >>current will let me say anything. ♪ oh, oh, oh ♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ everybody was kung fun
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fighting ♪ ♪ though kids were fast as lightning ♪ ♪ and things were a little bit frightening ♪ ♪ and it was expert timing ♪ >> stephanie: the only time we can get jim to chair dance when there is fighting involved. >> i was going to do a kick but i thought i should probably stretch first. >> stephanie: 51 minutes after the hour. oh, jim is stretching look at him. all right. ♪ oh, oh jacki schechner ♪ >> stephanie: all right. jacki schechner. >> jacki blue is sad today. >> oh don't be sad. >> stephanie: let me tell you something that is going to take you sad. you know jim ward who pervs out on you all of the time and i
6:51 am
was worried about sitting him next to you because of a reach around -- >> yeah, i was the buffer. >> stephanie: can i just say we were on the way out, and jim goes wow daisy is hot, that makeup woman. you see how quickly he forgets you. >> if he is going to pick daisy, i get it. >> stephanie: yeah. >> and she is actually really really cool too. >> that current building is filled with very good-looking people. >> stephanie: yeah hello. >> that's why we're hired. it's a standard. they don't let you through the door if you are anything less than an eight. >> stephanie: little ms. minks? >> yeah. >> stephanie: this is the right-wing letter i sent you,
6:52 am
people can't get doctors anymore because of medicare blah blah blah. what thing made you the craziest? >> that nobody said anything. not only did the president not come out fighting but jim lehrer didn't say anything either. that was the most frustrating part is that i do appreciate the need for equal time and give people the opportunity to speak, but if we're going to have a debate where there has got to be some moderation on the substance, you can't just stand there and spew what you want. >> stephanie: yeah, did you think because of how much mitt romney was talking and filibustered that the president felt like it was too late? >> i think he got bogged down in
6:53 am
the weeds. and he had trouble explaining where mitt romney was lying. i think there are easy ways to relate to people when it comes to how you talk about health care, because everybody has a personal experience that they can relate to. so i don't know why he personally has so much difficulty but that was a perfect opportunity to slam him on that lie. >> it seemed like they were playing by different rules. >> yeah. >> and i do think the cut a ways didn't do romney any good. he did look smug and smirking and it was really obnoxious the look on his face. i know people are saying that the president was looking down a
6:54 am
lot -- >> it looked like he was trying to give everyone a haircut. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: that's congress women degette just said all of the women in the hall did not have a good reaction to romney's behavior. >> he was snide and smug but again he had a lot of time to practice for this. >> stephanie: yeah, and the president had to be president. romney -- i was like oh my god, the health care those are like the health care letters we get -- >> the independent advisory board is not going to be a death panel or cut health care for seniors. it is going to make suggestions to get our health care back on track in some capacity. and all of a sudden it is going
6:55 am
to become this crazy death panel. >> stephanie: don't you wish the president would have gone oh, that was polititfacts pants on fire. >> yeah, something like that. all you have to say is we have been grossly overpaying the private insurance industry -- oh what got me was restoring the $716 billion to medicare. you are handing a blank check back to the private insurance companies and say here -- >> stephanie: right. put the waste and fraud back in. >> yeah, that gets me crazy, because i think you need to explain we're trying to fix a system that has been broken. >> stephanie: all right. you little wild cat, you are
6:56 am
getting very unlady like now. [ laughter ] >> don't ask these questions if you don't want answers. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: we have got to let you go do news and we'll talk to you again before the end of the show. love you. >> love you guys. >> bye-bye. >> stephanie: you wind her up -- and it's like -- >> let me finish! let me finish! >> stephanie: james in augusta, georgia. hi, go ahead. >> caller: this is my first time on your show so it's a little bit nervous. >> stephanie: oh that's okay. go ahead. >> caller: i don't think romney won. i don't think obama won either but i think it was pretty much a draw. i felt obama appeared more presidential and calm and warm. and i was on the debate team and that was less of a debate
6:57 am
and more like a mugging by a meth head. >> stephanie: yeah. james it's funny. roland said this morning, this reminds me of debate team at cornell, the guy who talked the loudest, thought he won, and then he got a c. >> and romney did say he could go a little nuts sometimes. >> stephanie: yeah. we saw that. >> crazy eyes. >> stephanie: okay. 58 minutes after the hour. we return with david bender. >> hooray. >> stephanie: we got a big show. >> i know. >> stephanie: all right. as we continue on the "stephanie miller show." ♪ >> oh. >> this is marxist
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♪ dcat saunders coming up. and cecile richards. >> yeah. >> stephanie: jacki schechner how will this affect the actual polling? >> i don't know that it will move the needle that much. the debates haven't traditionally been huge game changers. and i think because we have got some early voting already
7:57 am
underway, and people are really dedicated to one side or the owe, these are not two candidates who are ideologically close. they are so far apart that i think people's decisions are already made up and unless somebody runs off stage naked or does something -- >> stephanie: we can always hope that ann romney is right and mitt romney goes totally mental -- >> right. short of something shocking i don't think we'll see much of a movement. >> stephanie: all right. thank you, honey. jacki schechner. >> the dnc has put together a video showing mitt romney steam rolling over the format of last night's debate -- >> just bulldozer -- >> we're going to move -- >> i have to respond to that -- >> no -- >> which is -- which is my
7:58 am
experience -- >> jim lehrer did not handle his moderator role very well. but the president had four more minutes of tv time. during the primaries mitt romney often had more speaking time than his opponents. as for mr. lehrer he only spoke 9% of the time during the republican primaries moderators weighed in an average of twice that much. so in the aftermath as steph and i were discussing what does it all mean. he could get some more cash he could get a few more undecided voters, and republicans could show some renewed industry. but substance should trump style
7:59 am
in the long run. we'll be back with more stephanie after the break. stay with us. ♪ it's go time. it's go time. go time. you know what time it is. go time. it's go time. it's go time. what time is it rob? here comes the young turks go time! it's go time. oh is it? then it's go. go. go. go. go. go. go. go time. anybody? anybody? what time is it? oh, right. go time! only on current tv.
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's "the stephanie miller show." ♪ i ♪ i'm walking on sunshine, woe ho ♪ ♪ i'm walking on sunshine, woe ho ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good hey, all right now ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good ♪ >> stephanie: it is the "stephanie miller show." welcome to it. oh, dragging. >> hung over? >> stephanie: uh-huh. >> why were you drinking last night, stephanie? >> stephanie: i was not enjoying
8:03 am
the debate. thank you. plus we had to work during our nap time yesterday. >> yeah, i was like the sun goes down? i thought it only came up. [ applause ] >> stephanie: people are awake at this hour? >> normal people are. >> i napped in the limo a little bit? >> stephanie: did you, good boy. so lots to talk about, and who better to talk about it than mudcat. ♪ mudcat ♪ >> stephanie: mudcat! >> mudcat! ♪ mudcat ♪ >> stephanie: mudcat saunders joining us now. ♪ >> stephanie: a little busy that
8:04 am
jingle. good morning, mudcat. >> how are y'all doing? >> stephanie: good. what did you think? >> it reminded me of vomit in my hair or something. politics is all about offense. it's not about defense. that debate reminded me of a football game when a team gets up by three touchdowns and the other team goes into a pre-vit defense. they were trying not to make any mistakes. they were very very tentative. quite frankly it upset me. >> stephanie: yeah. >> he had so many shots -- and i thought the whole debate -- when obama -- when romney said something, obama would say, well which one is it, you said this
8:05 am
this, this, and this. now you are saying this. and be on that theme. that he is confusing. his messaging -- he didn't bring that out. you don't really know what romney is going to do because he has said so many things and they didn't touch on that. i thought it was tentative, embarrassing, and right there is a pre-vit defense. keep them from scoring the long ball. >> stephanie: and as i was saying even last night, everything mitt romney said almost was fact free. he has been thoroughly debunked already. why do you think the president didn't jump at some of that? >> like i said they were on prevent defense. they just wanted to hold what they had. it's like wayne powell's debate with eric cantor on monday night. >> stephanie: i heard.
8:06 am
>> he grabbed him and he did not let go. >> stephanie: right. >> it was like a pitbull he just kept -- you know, just kept those teeth just going. and sure we're an underdog and obama is a favorite but the whole point of it is it doesn't matter in politics. there is no room for defensive play in politics and for comply ansy and that's what it was last night. >> stephanie: yeah, he has got to go a little wayne powell next time. >> well, this debate -- i don't think this debate by any means won the election for mitt romney. i mean i think he is going to register a gain in the polls just simply because of all of the negative media associated with the president's performance, but it is going to place a spotlight on the next one. and see now obama has got to go after him. >> stephanie: right. >> and once you get into that situation, then -- then, you
8:07 am
know, you can -- it -- it's an all together different thing. it could -- there are some things that could happen that could drastically affect the course of the debate. but now the spotlight is on him -- i'm just hoping joe biden -- the one thing we know that joe biden will show his teeth. i just hope he rips paul ryan to shreds next week. and he likes that. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: but i think you are right, he has been set up perfectly now to do that. maybe the president felt too constrains by -- whether it's being presidential, not making mistakes, you are right, he has to get some of that scrappy challenger that wayne powell showed. >> right. here is -- romney has had 20 to
8:08 am
25 debates this year and barack obama has not had one for four years, and it was obvious he wasn't used to it. his body language was horrible. the fact he dropped his head, and he looked like a whipped dog to me. >> stephanie: uh-huh. >> but they can adjust this. they can fix it and it's like i said their strategy was, don't lose what we got. and it never works in politics don't lose what we have already got never works. if the other guy is coming at you, and you are just on the defense. it's obvious you are just trying to hang on to what you got. >> stephanie: yeah, the president is pulling so far ahead in so many polls, and mitt romney has had such a disastrous
8:09 am
two months do you think the president felt like he didn't have to fact check him again? >> who knows. the whole point is they were on defense and you can't go there. i would have tried to have buried him last night, and tried to end it you know, right there. make the rest of the debates completely inconsequence shall and just take him down, but they chose not to do that. it was their strategy. >> stephanie: now, mud the last debate is foreign policy what about in the townhall is the president going to bring up a lot of the stuff that people wished he had last night? >> i think the big miss rather than the 47% was the gender gap. >> stephanie: right. >> that's where he could have pinned his ears to the wall
8:10 am
is -- is -- is, you know with the gender gap with women's rights, and individual rights, and -- but, you know, they chose not to do it and like i said they were in a prevent defense. they just did not want romney to score, you know the long pass which he didn't do. but at the same token he through short passes and ate him alive. >> stephanie: have you seen any bump in your race after -- a lot of people called in and said how well wayne did the other night. have you seen any bounce? >> not yet. there is a lot of people talking, and the whole deal of it is with low-name recognition like wayne haden tearing into the race this increased our name recognition substantially, and people are beginning to look at wayne, to get to know him, and they are saying that he is definitely a great alternative to eric cantor, and that's what
8:11 am
this is all about. this race as much as it is about putting a good like wayne powell in office, it is also about throwing out a bad guy like ere rig cantor. >> stephanie: yep. >> but you have got to have a candidate, and wayne came through nicely and showed that he was more than a valuable alternative. he was a good alternative. >> stephanie: mudcat quickly before you go, the snap polls showed romney winning. how much do you think it will affect the actual polling or not? >> he'll get a little out of it but he was going to jump anyway. he is going to make one more run just like mccain did. they always do. there's always one more run, but romney is going to still have some -- you know some mistakes on his side, and i mean he -- you know if obama goes out
8:12 am
and continues -- i think their ads look very good and if they continue to go out and keep putting the pressure on the way they are all of this will be negated, but i have always said you know, 2004 i think i went to all of the democratic debates with the exception of one of them, and the truth of the matter is, if debates meant all that much, al sharpton would be in his second term as president of the united states. >> stephanie: that's right. mudcat, great stuff as all. we will talk to you next thank you honey. >> all right. bye-bye. [ applause ] >> stephanie: he would still be in the blueberry pie. >> what? >> stephanie: i don't know. judy in illinois welcome. >> caller: real quick i'm getting a little concerned now
8:13 am
about the pundits that i'm depending on for my political information. >> stephanie: yep. >> caller: i love this president. i am 72, and i have net to see anyone more honorable, more compassionate, more intelligent and loving than this man. >> stephanie: i agree. >> caller: i think he played it perfectly. think how we think -- think how the pundits are going crazy -- chris matthews is about to have a nervous breakdown. >> stephanie: yeah i think people are a little overwrought. >> caller: exactly. think of the president standing there, watching jim lehrer hearings these lies and i think
8:14 am
he finally said let them eat cake. this man has never patronized me as the working poor or as a voter. he allowed us to see mitt romney for the pathological liar this man is. but i'm worried about the pundits, now they want more out of biden. >> stephanie: yep. yep. yep. i know. we're on it. jim was reading paul [ inaudible ] who was saying the same thing that hardly anything mitt romney said was true, and everything the president said was true. >> right. >> stephanie: and i think over time that counts for something. >> with romney getting up there and talking and talking and talking and talking didn't give a chance for obama to point out what romney was saying was lies. >> stephanie: right. but what i'm saying -- as stuff a fact checked that -- well unless the truth doesn't make any difference to anybody. all right. 18 minutes after the hour.
8:15 am
you know, we run here on go to meeting because yesterday was fairly dramatic for us leaving the house. >> yes. >> stephanie: we don't normally do that. >> i'm like so this is what rush hour in los angeles is like. >> stephanie: yeah, i'm used to seeing you in hd quality on my computer screen in the comfort of my own home. go to meeting who does business travel? sits at that cheesy bar having martinis. no, it's expensive. it's a hassle. go to meeting with hd faces, it's the powerfully simple way to meet with coworkers online. it's the way to look at document
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♪ ♪ whoo ♪ ♪ bad, bad -- >> announcer: stephanie miller.
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♪ -- badder -- >> announcer: girl -- ♪ badder than old king kong meaner than a junk yard dog. >> stephanie: it is the "stephanie miller show." cecile richards president of planned parenthood coming up in just a few. 1-800-steph-1-2. >> i imagine she has something to say about todd akin's latest comment. >> stephanie: jim who said when the jury comes back with a vert on the debate mitt romney will be found guilty of perjury? >> ann romney? [ buzzer ] >> stephanie: no, that's a good guess. no, al sharpton. >> stephanie: when the verdict comes back it's going to have blueberry pie on its face. mittens last knight >> romney: under the president's policies the middle income americans have been crushed. this is a tax and of itself.
8:21 am
i call it the economy tax. it has been crushing. at the same time gasoline prices have doubled under the president, electric rates are up, food prices are up health care costs have gone up by $2,500 a family. middle income families have been crushed. the question is how to get it going again. >> stephanie: some of those numbers he just pulled directly from his arse. and by the way who cares more about the middle class than mitt romney. [ bell chimes ] [ applause ] >> those 47% voters. >> stephanie: exactly. let's go to richard in chicago. hi, richard. >> caller: what i wanted him to say when that came to the discussion -- >> stephanie: oh, i think he is -- >> he is talking with someone else. >> stephanie: corky in new york. welcome. >> caller: hello. yeah, i think y'all is
8:22 am
miscalculating. obama has to stay cool because we have the jobs report coming out friday, and it will take this debate right off of the front page. 162,000 new jobs created which may take the unemployment down a tick or two. >> stephanie: right. the preliminary numbers do good look. let's go to kb in new mexico. >> caller: hello, stephanie. thank you for taking my call. >> stephanie: that's okay. go ahead. >> caller: i wonder if anyone else got the message that i did when president obama was casting his eyes about and, you know, it's very difficult to argue with a liar. >> stephanie: that's what i was saying. like what -- again, if you are trying to be presidential i guess you can't say the l word.
8:23 am
but mitt romney again. >> romney: obamacare is on my list, i use that term with all respect -- >> obama: i like it. >> stephanie: or just call it romneycare. >> except it wept a little bit further than obamacare because it covered abortions. >> stephanie: oops that's inconvenient. ronda in chico, california. even the unnecessary abortions that doctors perform on people that aren't pregnant. >> what? >> stephanie: hi ronda. >> caller: this is ronda from chico, and i have a partner who is a wonderful woman, she is a nurse, and yes i'm a lesbian, oh, my god -- and she so loves you. there are times when we'll be doing something, and it's like i
8:24 am
can't talk right now i'm watching stephanie. and i'm like oh my god. so it's so awesome to finally meet the other woman. >> stephanie: yeah, take that. go ahead. >> caller: what i think about the debate in a nutshell i agree with chris matthews. but i'll share it ronda style. jim lehrer was a whimp, mitt romney was a bully, and obama needs to step it up. he needs to say in his debates what he pays for in his ads. >> stephanie: yep. >> caller: you can be classy and presidential, but it's a fight -- >> stephanie: yeah got to bring it. can't bring a knife to a gun fight something like that. >> yep. >> stephanie: 29 minutes after the hour. right back on the "stephanie miller show." ♪ (vo) john fugelsang sees what happens. >> you know, blaming this economy on barack obama is kinda
8:25 am
like blaming your hangover on the guy making breakfast. i like mitt romney but i'm sorry. they guy has flipped more than a crack house mattress. this campaign has become so toxic, beverly hills housewives are now injecting it into their foreheads. (vo) so current gave him a weekly show. >> i love romney's debate style, but i tell you, if i could be that stiff for 90 minutes, i'd ... (vo) we probably won't regret it.
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[ ♪ music ♪ ] >> hey -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. . >> -- how is your beaver? >> great. how is your beaver? >> busy as ever. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: whoo! it is the "stephanie miller show." welcome to it. 34 minutes after the hour. cecile richards president of planned parenthood coming up in just a few minutes to talk about the debate and much more. everybody is talking about this new mockumentary. jane wilson going us now. >> hello.
8:30 am
>> caller: we did stand up at the improve. >> it's all a blur for me too. as it should be with all stand-up. >> stephanie: exactly. congratulations. everybody is buzzing about this. you posed as an actual undecided voter called jeanine from des moines, and you have all of the other starring players. >> so you actually talked to these people as jeanine from des moines. >> yes, the director calls at it work of political fiction. >> all right. >> like the mitt romney campaign. >> but, yes, i'm playing a character named jeanine who is a conservative tea party person, and i'm from iowa originally, and we went there and filmed many times over the year leading
8:31 am
up to the iowa caucuses and did a free-style improve. >> stephanie: but it's hilarious. i know what you mean it's not a mockumentary in the christopher [ inaudible ] kind of way. places got pulled in. they thought you were an actual undecided voter. >> so many. >> stephanie: during the january 3rd show -- tell us about that. >> by that point, jeanine has really stared down everything in her life that is not adding up. what we had for the story of the film is she has lost her job, her health care her marriage,
8:32 am
she is on the verge of losing her home, and she is ill. i had to very much muscle my way to the front of the line. because they were like he is only going to talk to the press. and i was like i have got to get up there. so i muscled my way through, and put my hands out, and he started talking to me, and i started crying and telling him everything that was wrong. and the thing is when you watch the film he is like god be with you, yeah, i want to bring jobs and then i turned and the entire press corps was like who are you? what is your name? and then i was on world news tonight that night. >> wow. >> stephanie: you punked the entire media it looks like. >> they are not happy about it either. we went on cnn the other morning, and these murder's row
8:33 am
of people just started yelling at us. i said why don't you be concerned about the jeanines of the world. >> stephanie: yeah, you said this was the most exhausting longest improve you have ever done. >> sometimes we would get to the site and we would have to wait an hour and a half. and nobody knows that the camera crew that was following me and i think i have one of those faces where people just start talking to me. i would be sitting there and somebody would be like -- who were you -- jeanine wasn't decided until the very end. and it was kind of fascinating to hear like -- people -- i was
8:34 am
the biggest herman cain fan and then i -- and the guy that does the pokey mon thing in his speech, really? you can never do that. there was a woman i think i -- it's mentioned in the article, sanatorium we're at this hot wings place, and we are waiting for sanatorium and she said she has had all of these chronic illnesses, she has $20,000 in bills, she doesn't know how she is going to pay them, but she hates obamacare. and you just have to say, me too. >> stephanie: yeah. >> you said you were talking to romney and he was trying to console you or jeanine did you get a sense that he was genuine. >> there are cameras on them
8:35 am
there is a very long scene with me and michele bachmann she buys me a cup of coffee and talks to me for a long time. she never did the crazy eyes the whole time. she holds my hands, and listens, and she is deeply beautiful. and we got back in the car to move on, and grace was in the back seat and she said you're kind of quiet, and i said there's a part of me that goes can't she use that vibe for me -- her policy is word solid, i'm telling her i'm ill and about to lose my house, and she doesn't give me any answers. she never says -- >> stephanie: so she never came out of character either? >> no. and the whole time she has her eyes on the camera. >> stephanie: just one of them one of the crazy eyes.
8:36 am
yeah. >> so it was weird, and i should say -- i know it's going to be on your website, www.janeanefromdes >> stephanie: yeah, you said at the screening of the toronto film festival the crowd booed them, and when you said you were a christian, they asked you if you were ashamed of yourself? >> what i want to say is who is zooming who? michele bachmann said the trucking industry has been hit
8:37 am
because of the gas prices. and i said to her, did obama make those go up? and both he and steve king say yes. >> and they call you deceitful. >> and we had this exchange about the keystone pipeline, and gretchen on fox and friends said it doesn't hurt anybody. and he said it doesn't. it doesn't. >> wow. how dare you make that lying deceitful film about these honest people. >> stephanie: you are really a great actress. i assume your actually political beliefs are -- >> i'm so far to the left i make [ inaudible ] uncomfortable. [ laughter ] >> how did you get into that
8:38 am
mindset of being so far on the right? >> she is an actress. [ laughter ] >> i would just get it out of my system sometimes so i didn't leave with a headache. every once in a while, i would move off and go whoo! like that, just to get it out of my system like i'm agreeing with them, when really i'm raging. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: the other part of her story line is her husband turns out to be gay? >> just like marcus bachmann. >> stephanie: you were like michelle, i'm holding your hand on that. >> they don't let you anywhere near him at all. i was looking for them. he was out buying sunglasses. >> wow. >> stephanie: what -- first of all, like romney -- what did they seem like in person. like you were saying it's hard to tell because you know when
8:39 am
people know the camera is on him. like newt gingrich what did he seem like to you? >> he was very -- i had to be very organic as jeanine and say -- the improve has to lead us to our story line and the only two people that jeanine felt a connection with was romney and michele bachmann. but it is actually one of the most stunning moments in the film, i ask him about health care. and he has these dead eyes and then there is a woman who comes up to me and says that was the question i was going to ask. she takes me outside and explains how obamacare is going to save my life. she is i think a liberal woman who came to the event to watch. she said i come to all of these
8:40 am
things -- >> stephanie: so she was the only one that actually offered to help me. >> she found me. and you can see there's a moment in the film and i'm like because of obamacare? i'm looking at her half as the actress in the film and half as jane. of course you found me -- >> stephanie: she is like the health care harriet tubman. follow me. we can get out. >> yeah. >> stephanie: rick santorum seems like he would be sweaty and pasty. >> he is another one with that weird smile, yeah yeah nice to meet you -- >> yeah. >> i just -- he made this bizarre triumphant entrance to the iowa straw poll where he had like a bagpipe player with him and like three people -- >> stephanie: this must have
8:41 am
felt like a silni film at some point? >> yeah, once again, i think she -- jeanine has this thing where she always thinks everybody is cute. she is like got this thing about handsomeness and cuteness and stuff -- >> like stephanie. >> stephanie: right. [♪ magic wand ♪] >> stephanie: oh, shiny teeth. oooooooooh. >> and i got that like a lot of the women were like i think rick santorum is so handsome. >> stephanie: yeah handsome and romantic. wow, really exciting stuff. jeanine from des moines is the name of the film. >> can i say one last thing in >> stephanie: yes, of course. >> on the website there are links to all of the tug screens in the swing states north
8:42 am
carolina, wisconsin, ohio so look for those. especially north carolina we have to close the screening and we really want people to show up for those. >> stephanie: next time you come in, why don't you come in as jeanine. >> that would be great. >> stephanie: all right. thank you. >> thank you so much. >> stephanie: right back with cecile richards from planned parenthood next on the "stephanie miller show." >> announcer: dammit jim, i'm not a doctor but i think i'm dying of laughter. it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪ (vo) jennifer granholm ... >>for every discouraged voter, there are ten angry ones taking action. trickle down does not work. in romney's world, cars get the elevator and the workers get the shaft. that is a whole bunch of bunk.
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the powerful may steal an election, but they can't steal democracy.
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(vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. (vo) she's joy behar. >>current will let me say anything. [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ makes me that much stronger, makes me work a little bit
8:47 am
harder, makes me that much wiser ♪ ♪ thank for making me brighter ♪ ♪ makes me that much smarter, ♪ ♪ thanks for making me wiser ♪ >> stephanie: oh yeah. it is the "stephanie miller show." 51 minutes after the hour. cecile richards president of planned parenthood joins us now. good morning cecile. >> hi, stephanie how are you? >> stephanie: i am all right. obviously a lot of talk about any debate last night. what was your take? >> i'm out here in iowa and obviously i hoped they would cover women's issues. i have taken a break from my day job to complain for president obama, because i think what wasn't said last night is that mitt romney and his positions on women and women's health and
8:48 am
women's rights would take us back not just four years, but 100 years back and it's critical to me that women know that. >> stephanie: that's right. and certainly the polling has to be heartening to you, that the president has a very clear lead among women, and i don't think last night is going to change that, do you? >> no, there was nothing that mitt romney said that further confirms what i think about him. not just women in general, but working women. i think point after point last night made it clear that this is a candidate who is focused on the wealthiest americans, and he is totally unable to tell us after he gets rid of obamacare, all of the great things in that for women, what he is going to replace it with and so i think when it comes to basic health
8:49 am
care issues for women, mitt romney would be a disaster. >> stephanie: i'm looking at a lot of headlines this morning and it's facts matter and mitt romney didn't deliver them. romney wins on style, obama on facts. l.a. times, romney's fact challenged. i have to believe the truth is going to matter in the end, don't you? >> absolutely. i think the president was presidential, and laid out a clear, detailed talk about what he is doing to grow the economy. mitt romney to me was like a complete retread of what got us into this trouble in the first place. and point after point he wasn't straight with the american people. yeah, you may be able to get away with it in a one and a half hour debate, but when folks look at what he is really for and
8:50 am
what he is saying he could do i think folks won't vote for him, and i think particularly women. in iowa there's a 13-point gender gap among women who are not willing to go backwards. >> stephanie: we talked to congress woman degette earlier, and she was saying that a lot of the women there were turned off by mitt romney's overaggressiveness or whatever you want to indicate. i think as we have said just because you talk more and state a lot of things that aren't true, i suppose that certainly is saying, i guess he won on style, but is that going to matter much in the long run. >> i agree with congress woman degette on that. women are very practical, we just want to hear the straight truth, and that's where i think president obama not only in the debate last night, but in his
8:51 am
entire presidency he has never tried to dress up anything or mislead anybody about what it takes to get this economy going again. and he has made enormous strides, i wish we would have talked about domestic issues and the affordable care act does three important things for women. first, for the first time we don't get charged more for insurance just because we are women. romney would get rid of that. the second is, we can't be blocked from getting insurance coverage, because we have had breast cancer. mitt romney completely mislead folks on that. he would get rid of that too. and the third, is all of our preventive care now is going to get covered by insurance companies no matter what. this means birth control, breast exams. this is going to change the
8:52 am
lives of millions of women in this country. and mitt romney is saying day one that all goes away. and that is scaring women, and it should. >> stephanie: we have talked about this before. it's not just the todd akin comments, these are their policies, although i'm curious about his warning about doctors performing abortions on women who aren't pregnant. >> his ignorance about women, women's bodies, women's reproductive care means that he is completely unfit to be senator, and the fact that he is still a sitting u.s. congressman should strike fear in the hearts of every women out there. >> stephanie: there are a lot of unlady like wildcats out there. i think they will find out at the ballot box in november don't you? >> absolutely.
8:53 am
when romney -- and i think todd akin just happened to -- he just really spoke out of what they are all says behind closed doors any way. >> stephanie: that's right. >> it's not just that he is going to get rid of obamacare, he is literally saying one, he is going to get rid of planned parenthood. and we have been around 96 years, millions of women depend on us every year, and he said he is going to repeal roe v wade, which has been the law of the land for 40 years. >> stephanie: yep. >> and the crazy thing to me about mr. romney is planned parenthood we do more to prevent unintended pregnancy, and therefore the need for abortion. >> stephanie: cecile out of time thank you so much. >> all right. talk to you soon. >> stephanie: we will see you
8:54 am
tomorrow, for fridays with fugelsang on the "stephanie miller show."
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